BIOINFRA Clinic Introduction


BIOINFRA Clinic,  the premier healthcare partner
providing personalized medical services

for early detection and prevention of diseases

BIOINFRA Clinic provides customized services focused on each individual client’s health.

Smart cancer, a risk diagnosis service for eight major cancers (pulmonary, liver, stomach, large intestine, pancreas,
prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers) using biomarkers of blood specimen by combining advanced information technology
and cutting edge biotechnology. It is specialized in providing personalized healthcare services encompassing the complex factors
such as blood vessel proliferation, immune system, and metabolic flow with reading of the i-FINDER results
from experts from the best medical institutions in Korea.

In addition, the i-FINDER service collects only 10cc of blood for analysis, and there is no waiting time nor side effects
from the administration of drugs such as contrast agents, radioactive exposure risks caused by MRI, CT, and X-ray tests.
You can easily check your health status along with the risk of 8 major cancers without the hassle of going through
enema procedure. We provide a quick follow-up service for any abnormal findings
so that such findings can be consulted immediately by specialists in each field.

BIOINFRA Clinic, a lifelong health care companion that provides personalized health services
with one-on-one personalized medical services.

Advantages of BIOINFRA Clinic

Fast & Convenient

Diagnosis of Health Status by simple blood collection
without waiting time


Screening Result Reading by Specialist who is Professor
of the Korea’s best Medical Institute

one-on-one health status consultation with specialist

Kind Hospitality

Kind service from the beginning to the end!

Professionals dedicated only for you for each step
of the service from registration, questionnaires,
blood collection, and specialist consultation

Personalized & Customized Care

One-on-One Personalized Consulting of Professional
Consultant based on the readings of Specialists

Provision of total comprehensive guide for promotion
of healthy life

Clinic Tour

의원 입구
Smart Screening Center Entrance
의원 내부 1
Inside the Smart Screening Center 1
의원 내부 2
Inside the Smart Screening Center 2
의원 내부 3
Inside the Smart Screening Center 3