Information Use

Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Telecommunications Business Act and the Enforcement Decree of the Act. It aims to define your rights, obligations and responsibilities.

Article 2 (Effectiveness and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

1. These Terms and Conditions shall take effect by notifying the User through the website or by e-mail or other means after the disclosure process in accordance with Article 31 of the Telecommunications Business Act and Article 21-2 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Act.
2. The Company may revise these Terms without prior notice, and the revised Terms will be announced in the manner set forth in Article 9. A member may cancel his / her membership registration (withdrawal) if he / she does not agree to the revised terms, and in the case of continued use, he / she shall be deemed to agree to the amendment. The revised Terms will be effective upon notice.

Article 3 (Rules other than Terms)

Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Telecommunications Basic Law, the Telecommunications Business Law and other relevant laws.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in these terms are as follows.
1. Member: A person who registers as a member by providing personal information to the service, and who is continuously provided with the service information and can use the service.
2. Users: Members and non-members who receive services provided by the company in accordance with these Terms.
3. ID: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member and approved by the company for member identification and member's service use.
4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by a member to protect his / her secret in communication.
5. E-mail: Mail through the Internet.
6. Termination: The company or member expresses the intention to terminate the contract after using the service.
7. Homepage: A virtual service space that the company has set up to be accessed and used by users using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide services to users.

Article 5 (Provision and Change of Service)

1. The Company provides the following services.
1) PR contents about the company
2) Information about products sold by the company
3) Various information provided by other companies
4) Customer Service
5) Member Use Service
2. The company may add or change the contents of the service if necessary.

Article 6 (Suspension of Service)

1. The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance / repair, breakdown or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers.
2. In the case of interruption of service pursuant to the clause 1, the user shall be notified by the method specified in Article 9.
3. The Company shall not compensate for damages suffered by the user or a third party due to the temporary suspension of the provision of the service for the reasons mentioned in the clause 1. However, this is not the case if the company has intentional or gross negligence.

Article 7 (Membership)

1. The user shall apply for membership by filling in the member information according to the registration form set by the company and expressing his / her intention to agree to these terms.
2. The user must register as a real name and can apply for one membership for one name.
3. The Company shall register as a member unless the following applies among the users who apply to join as a member as described in the clause 1.
1) If your name is not your real name
2) If there is any false, missing or misleading entry
3) When applying in the name of another person
4) If the applicant has previously lost membership in accordance with Article 8 (3) of this Agreement (However, three years have passed since the loss of membership under Article 8 (3). Exceptions are obtained.)
5) Children under 14 years old
6) If the other member does not meet the company's prescribed application requirements
4. The date of establishment of the membership contract shall be the point when the company's consent reaches the user.
5. In the case of a change in the registration information under Article 10 Clause 1, the member shall directly modify and register the change through the member information change item.

Article 8 (withdrawal of membership and disqualification)

1. Members can request the withdrawal of the member at any time, and the homepage will respond immediately.
2. The company may limit or suspend the membership if the member corresponds to the following reasons.
1) If you have registered false information at the time of application
2) Threatening the service operation order, such as disturbing others' use of the service or stealing the information;
3) When using the service is prohibited by law and this agreement or contrary to public morals
4) Failure to comply with the obligations of the member specified in Article 13
3. If the same act is repeated more than two times or the reason is not corrected within 30 days after the company restricts / suspends membership, the company may lose the membership.
4. If the company loses membership, the member will be notified and the withdrawal will be handled. In this case, the member will be notified of this and given the opportunity to call before leaving.

Article 9 (Notice to Users)

1. If the company notifies the user, the user can use the e-mail address submitted to the service.
2. In case of notice to the unspecified number of users, the company can replace the individual notice by posting it on the service board for more than one week.

Article 10 (Personal Information Protection)

1. The Company collects the minimum information required by the Company when collecting user information. The following items are required and others are optional.
1) Name
2) desired ID
3) password
4) E-mail
5) address
6) phone number
7) preferred subscription
2. When the Company collects personal information that can personally identify a user, the user must obtain the user's consent.
3. The provided personal information cannot be provided to third parties without the user's consent, and the company is responsible for all of this. However, with the exception of the following cases.
1) In the case of delivery service, inform the shipper of the minimum user information (name, address, telephone number) necessary for delivery.
2) When it is necessary for statistics, academic research, or market research, it is provided in a form that cannot identify a specific individual.
3) When requested by a national agency under related laws
4) When there is a criminal investigation purpose or at the request of the Information from Communication Ethics Committee
5) When there is a request in accordance with the procedures prescribed by other relevant laws
4. The user can read and correct errors on his or her personal information at any time.
5. The third party who received personal information from the company will destroy the personal information without delay when the purpose of receiving personal information is achieved.

Article 11 (Obligations of the Company)

1. The company shall make every effort to provide the service continuously and stably as provided in this agreement.
2. The company shall make every effort to maintain service and maintain the equipment related to service at all times and to repair / repair it without delay in case of failure.
3. The company should have a security system for protecting the user's personal information so that the user can use the service safely.
4. The company does not send commercial e-mail for commercial purposes that users do not want.

Article 12 (Obligation for Member ID and Password)

1. The member is responsible for managing the ID and password assigned to the member, and the member is responsible for all the consequences of negligence and misuse.
2. If the member recognizes that his / her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he / she should immediately notify the company and follow the company's instructions.

Article 13 (Obligations of Members)

1. Members shall comply with the matters notified by the Company, such as related laws, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, instructions for use, and precautions, and shall not do anything that interferes with the Company's business.
2. Members shall not engage in any commercial acts using the Services without the prior consent of the Company.
3. The member shall not use or provide to others the information obtained by using the service by copying, duplication, alteration, translation, publication / broadcasting or other means without the prior consent of the company.
4. A member shall immediately change his / her personal information when a change occurs. Members are responsible for all the consequences of not modifying their membership information.
5. Members shall not engage in the following acts in connection with the use of the service, and the member shall be responsible for all the consequences of the following acts.
1) The illegal use of another member's ID
2) Sending e-mail by acquiring another member's e-mail address
3) Acts of criminal activity or related to other criminal acts
4) Harassing good customs and other social orders
5) Defame or insult the company and others
6) Infringes on the rights of the company and others' intellectual property rights, etc.
7) Hacking or dissemination of computer viruses
8) The act of continuously transmitting certain contents such as advertising information against the will of others
9) Any action that may interfere with or cause the stable operation of the service.
10) change the contents of the services provided by the company;
11) Acts that violate other related laws

Article 14 (Delete Posts)

1. The company may delete a post without prior notice if it is determined that the post in the service posted or registered by the user violates the provisions of Article 13 or falls under each of the following
1) Content that slanders other users or third parties or damages honor by slander
2) Content that violates public order or morals
3) Contents admitted to be involved in criminal activity
4) Contents that infringe other rights such as copyrights of third parties
5) Contents that may impede or reduce the stable operation of the service.
6) Contents that blame the company or disseminate testament without evidence or verification
7) Other content deemed violated in accordance with related laws and regulations
However, in the case of the original bulletin board, the following exceptions are made.
For large data, the number of uploaded posts is limited, and when the number is exceeded, the oldest posts can be deleted for smooth server operation.
2. The Company may delete a post without prior notice if the post in the service posted or registered by the user violates the provisions of Article 13 or links to information determined to fall under each of the above paragraphs.

Article 15 (Rights / Obligations for Posts)

All rights and responsibilities, including copyright, to the posting belong to the user who posted it.

Article 16 (Relationship between Linked "Homepage" and Linked "Homepage")

1. If the upper "homepage" and the lower "homepage" are connected by a hyperlink (for example, the target of a hyperlink includes text, pictures, and moving images), the former is called the "homepage", and the latter is connected " Homepage (Website). "
2. The consolidation "homepage" is not responsible for the transactions with the user by the goods and services provided by the consolidation "homepage".

Article 17 (Restrictions on Use and Restriction of Copyright)

1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights of the work created by the company belong to the company.
2. The user shall not use the information obtained by using the service for commercial purposes or make it available to third parties by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or other means without the prior consent of the company.

Article 18 (No Assignment)

Members may not transfer or donate the right to use the service or other contractual status to others, and may not provide it as collateral.

Article 19 (Compensation for Damage)

The Company shall not be held liable for any damages to the user with respect to the services provided free of charge, except in cases where the damages are caused by the company's gross negligence.

Article 20 (Indemnity / Compensation)

1. The company shall not bear any responsibility for the contents, information, data, facts, accuracy, reliability, etc. posted by the user, and the user uses the service under his / her responsibility, and posts or transmits using the service. The user shall be responsible for any damages incurred in relation to any data, any disadvantages related to the selection of the data, or the use of other services.
2. The Company shall not bear any responsibility in relation to the transaction of goods through the service between users or between users and third parties in violation of the provisions of Article 13, and the Company does not take responsibility with respect to the benefits that users expect in connection with the use of the service.
3. If the user is responsible for the user or a third party due to the user's violation of the provisions of Article 13 or other terms of this agreement, and this causes damage to the company, the user who violates this agreement must reimburse all damages incurred and indemnify the Company from such damages.

Article 21. Settlement of Disputes

1. The company and the user shall make all necessary efforts to resolve the disputes related to the service smoothly.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the clause 1, if a lawsuit is filed due to the dispute, the lawsuit shall be subject to the Seoul District Court.
3. The law shall apply to the law of the Republic of Korea.

Article 22 (Others)

The user can contact the person in charge for the handling of items not specified in this agreement.


This agreement is effective from June 10, 2016.