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Medical Team

BIOINFRA Clinic will protect human health
based on world-class technology.

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Cancer has been recognized as an incurable disease in the past, but recent advances in medicine have made it possible
to prolong life, treat some cancers, and provide a variety of information about cancer to change the perception that cancer
is not necessarily a incurable disease. However, the economic and emotional burden on the patient and their family are too much,
and the later it is discovered, the more difficult the treatment is. Currently, scholars from various fields are actively conducting
research and prevention activities to conquer cancer, but researches on innovative treatments of cancer are still on going.

BIOINFRA Clinic has developed a technology that can identify cancers by using biomarkers, which are indicators of health status
in the blood through long-term clinical analysis, focusing on more realistic prevention and early diagnosis of cancer.
As a result, we can provide you with the smart cancer screening i-FINDER service that can predict the risk of the
current eight cancers. This clinic not only provides the results of i-FINDER test but also provides the best professional
consultation and 1: 1 personalized health care service in Korea, so we hope to have a healthier and happier life with BIOINFRA Clinic.

Director Bokyung Chung

Director / Education

  • 1986 ~ 1988Ewha Womans University, Graduate School, Masters in Medicine
  • 1979 ~ 1985Ewha Womans University, College of Medicine, Medicine
  • 1972 ~ 1975Dongduk Girls' High School

Director / Main Experiences

  • 2011 ~ PresentIRB Chairman
  • 2009 ~ PresentCurrent Department of Diagnostic Medicine, National Central Medical Center
  • 2006 ~ 2009Head of Health Promotion Center, National Medical Center
  • 2005 ~ 2009National Medical Center PR Team
  • 2002 ~ 2005Head of Medical Planning Department, National Medical Center
  • 1994 ~ 2007Head of Radiation Safety Management, National Medical Center
  • 1999 ~ 2000Australia, National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and
    Clinical Research and University of New South Wales
    WHO fellowship
  • 1994 ~ 2009Specialist in Clinical Pathology, National Medical Center
  • 1992 ~ 1994Head of Radiation Safety Management, Seoul Christian Hospital
  • 1989 ~ 1994Department of Clinical Pathology, Seoul Christian Hospital
  • 1985 ~ 1989Intern, Resident, Ewha Womans University Hospital

Academic Associations & Other Activities

  • 2009 ~ 2011Specialist in the National Health Checkup Program
    Specialist in the National Health Screening Program
  • 2008 ~ PresentRegular member of KAIRB, Korea Institutional Review Board
  • 2005 ~ 2007Consumer Dispute Resolution Committee Specialist
  • 2002 ~ 2007 Regular member of the Korea Clinical Research Council (KAIRB)
  • 1994 ~ PresentRegular member of the Korean Society for Clinical Microbiology
    Member, Korean Society for Transfusion
  • 1992 ~ PresentRegular member of the Korean Society for Hematology
  • 1989 ~ PresentMember of the Korean Society of Diagnostic Tests (1999 ~)


  • 1992.2.14Special license for radioisotope handlers 459
  • 1989.3.16Professional Certificate 255
  • 1985.2.28Doctor's License 28789


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